Hotline Webring

In the 90s, search engines were of generally low quality, and people wanted a way to discover related sites. So people with websites joined webrings, which were collections of sites where each site linked to their neighbors to form a ring. Sometimes there was one button on each site that'd take you to a random site in the webring. People got more traffic and less-popular sites benefited from being linked to more-popular ones.

Now, in 2019 C.E., there are search engines and aggregators so finding related sites isn't that hard, and webrings have fallen by the wayside. Hotline Webring traveled to the wayside, picked up The Concept of a Webring, dusted it off, and launched it to frankly astonishing acclaim. Join Hotline Webring or visit other participating websites through the random links below.

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Jimmy Ofisia

— climate conscious graphic designer from Surabaya, Indonesia.