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Jimmy Ofisia is a climate conscious graphic designer from Surabaya, Indonesia. He runs a one-man design practice under the moniker Studio Atipikal and collaboratively with Tipokrama Collective, previously he was a Creative Director at graphichapter.

In his spare times, you can find him reading articles, listening to music, updating tumblelogs, writing blog posts, or doing other obsessive compulsive . In times where he is totally in the zone, he often spent relentless hours finessing invisible details before his stomach warned him to stop. This paragraph is randomized on page reload.


  • Good design is effective.
  • Good design embrace hierarchy over aesthetic.
  • Good design concern users over stakeholders.
  • Good design ignite positive change.
  • Good design is inclusive.
  • Good design is sustainable.
  • Good design equal good deeds.
  • Good design is less waste and carbon footprint as possible, fingers crossed.


  • Graphic Design   ★ ★ ★
  • Web Design   ★ ★ ★
  • Type Design   ★ ★ ★
  • Creative Direction   ★ ★ ★ ★
  • Branding   ★ ★ ★
  • Information Architecture   ★ ★
  • Content Strategy   ★ ★
  • Interaction Design  
  • User Experience Design   ★ ★


Currently available for freelance work. Generally available for private or open design consultation.

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ADGI · ADGI SUB · Ara Studio · Ayorek · Butawarna · c2o library & collabtive · Contemporary Surabaya Architecture · demaya · Design It Yourself Surabaya · dpavilion architects · dutadata · Fanrong Studios · gradin · Grosir Kemeja ID · Imaji Books · Kaloka Hotel · Mekarsari · Museum Tubuh Batu · Naira Travel · Orange House Studio · Rio Haryanto · Shining Batu · Surabaya Design Summit · Suroboyo Carnival · Takindo · Tata Rapika · Tirta Restu Ayunda


Jimmy Ofisia's venture in the design field started soon after quitting college. He attended two local design schools, but never finished any of them. He taught himself a proper skill of Actionscript back then at the peak of Flash heyday, managed to build an XML based Flash site for his then moniker Merdeka Ataoe Mati, only to realize that the future web would eventually still belong to the good ‘ol HTML and CSS. Which is great, because he thinks they are easier, more accessible and widely supported than the former.

During that time, the rise of independent type foundries also sparked his interest on typographic design. His lack of figure drawing skill convinced him enough that drawing letter shapes is a way much more pleasurable activity. His first typeface Chomsky was released by T-26 on August 2009. Carlos Segura was one of his college years design hero, so getting the chance to join the T-26 roster was kind of like a dream come true. Fortunately, there is no such thing as useless knowledge, Flash' font embedding capability comes in handy for building a custom type tester tool, where the available options are still rare at the time.

Later that year, he decided to have a shot at being a part of a collective. He joined graphichapter, a small design bureau in Surabaya, Indonesia, where he serve as the Creative Director. Over the years, he still continued his self education, constantly expanding his knowledge through various aspects of the projects he worked on. Learning the lingos and having his hands dirty on anything from interaction design, information architecture, content strategy, to the holistic nature of user experience design. But after all those years being surrounded by talented peers, he is still suck at illustration, which is why during his tenure he mostly only handle branding and web related projects.

On August 2015, after a long stint in a studio environment, he resigned and set out on a new journey once again. Presently, he is interested working with small brands and visionary individuals, lending his experiences and accompanying them thriving through the 21st century's design driven global era. Beside that, he would also love to get to know new folks across various disciplines for future collaboration opportunities and alike.

While he is not busy fiddling with his mostly useless side projects and figuring out ways to make them less useless, he is allocating some of his free time to help each other free of charge. So, whether you are a design student seeking for a portfolio review, or a non profit organization representative seeking for a pro bono design advice, his inquiry page is your friend.

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  • 2001—2002
    Graphic Design
    ITS, Surabaya
  • 2002—2006
    Multimedia Design
    STIKOM, Surabaya

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